Empowering companies in achieving EVG™, contributing towards a livable future




Disrupt3ynergies® empowering Industrial organizations in Sustainable Manufacturing, achieving

Exponential Value Growth (EVG™) - beyond quarterly reports.


Through our community of Swarm agents, being decision-makers, Scientists and partners we create opportunities to Exploring, Synergizing, Innovating, Scaling & Accelerating Sustainable Manufacturing - beyond geographical and industrial borders. 

Our Approach towards Achieving EVG™

The ultimate goal for private organisations, governments, institutions and societies is to release Exponential Value Growth (EVG™)
Enabled by the synergies created in the intersection between Human-, Digital- and Societal Capital Excellence.

D3 Societal Capital™

Empowering our clients in Exploring and leveraging on their Societal capital,

discovering new opportunities for partnerships with suppliers, expanding the business portfolio, innovating the business model and collaborate with customers, stakeholders, and third-party suppliers, forming a global eco-system, to access resources, know-how and value growth.

Organizations are striving to reach the UN's Sustainable development goals, 2030, reducing their environmental footprint.


D3 Technological


Empowering our clients in Providing a full overview of how current work methods, processes and systems are empowering or hindering their organization in Sustainable manufacturing by presenting a comprehensible analysis their Technological capital, including the structure of content, usability, compliance, and cost-efficiency, through analysis of complex, multiple-layered and interconnected data streams, releasing hidden resources- and cost-synergies, while hindering negative silos effects, such as waste of resources and the need for short-term cost-cutting. 

The amount of software systems and applications on the market has never been more accessible, yet organizations struggle to operate efficiently, acting in silos and struggle to achieve cost-synergies.


D3 Human


Powered by SWARMA® our clients are provided with Diversity Team Excellence, shaping custom-made teams with expertize in Sustainable Manufacturing, providing Strategic insights together with the ability to bridge the strategy to execution gap, scanning the organizations Societal-, Technological- and Human capital, to achieve Sustainable Manufacturing, releasing Exponential Value Growth (EVG™).

The importance of accessing diverse expertize to capture hidden opportunities, hiding in an increasingly complex organizational eco-system, has never been more vital. 


Report released during 

Almedalen Political week 2019